Resource Documents – Key Words for PSS Positions

  • A sample of Key words to be used in PSS positions


1. Personal Security, Personal protection of high ranking generals, diplomats, Heads of State in High Threat Areas of Operations (AO)


2. Convoy/motorcade operations


3. Quick Reaction Force (QRF)/ Emergency Response Team (ERT)


4. Route recon


5. Shift Leader/ Team leader / supervisory experience


6. Close Quarters Battle (CQB) techniques

7. Principle Recovery and extraction (PRE) “getting your protected person from a hard point and back to vehicle safely”

8. Small Unit tactics, include tactical training

9. Vehicle dismount – extraction/movement to hardened structure (hard point)

10. Actions on Contact/Breaking contact, both walking formations and vehicle motorcades

11. Evasive driving techniques

12. Security on venue (place of meeting)

13. Elements of security on venue, for example, K-9, DDM’s (snipers), local national security force, Jersey barrier/ T-wall set-ups.

14. Communicating with Tactical Operations Center (TOC), prior during and after all PSD movements. Maintained communication throughout entire mission.

15. If they were deployed overseas, were they Special Operations Capable (SOC)

16. Conducted Tactical Site Surveys (TSS) “getting info from venue, like escape routes, hard points,